Code of Conduct

  • We maintain a friendly and objective contact with employees, customers and suppliers. We reject discrimination on grounds of gender, origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, knowledge regarding state of health and mental or physical limitations.
  • Violence and threats in the workplace are not tolerated.
  • We are aware of the social commitment towards our employees and those of subcontractors and suppliers. We attach great importance to the compliance with national regulations regarding employee protection and reject child and forced labour.
  • In order to maintain company success and to promote employee motivation, we support development and training of our employees by granting them adequate freedom and the opportunity to participate in external seminars and training courses.
  • We actively participate in environmental protection. By installing a photovoltaic system, the entire electrical power consumption can be covered by solar energy. We pay attention to a resource-sparingly usage of raw-materials, respect ecological aspects in product design and ensure sensible use of packaging materials.
  • Donations are given only to charitable institutions and have to be approved by the general management.
  • We reject corruption, blackmail and bribery. Our employees are required to comply with legal requirements in their dealings with governments, authorities and other public institutions and to respect the rules of fair competition.
  • Health information of employees or persons associated with CARE will be treated discreetly and may not be shared. In case of indiscreet behaviour, the general management is promptly informed to take further steps on protecting confidential information.