viola Super Early Pregnancy Test


The Super Early Pregnancy Test from day 8 can detect a pregnancy at a very early stage - as soon as an hCG concentration of 5 mIU hCG/ml is reached - which enables the applicability of this test before the period is due (around 8 days after intercourse). This test was developed to detect a pregnancy at the earliest possible stage to gain certainty and eventually adapt the life situation (eg. alcohol or nicotine consumption) as early as possible.

Because of the high sensitivity of this test, it is strongly recommended to use the morning urine due to the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone hCG at this time of day. 

As the hCG-level in the female body is subject to fluctuations and to maximum certainty, we decided to offer this test as double-pack.

The viola pregnancy tests stand for clinically proven quality products. The unique test design guarantees simple, reliable and hygienic use.


2 test sticks (foil wrapped), instruction for use
Immunochromatographic rapid test
5 mIU hCG/ml
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How is the test performed?

Easy to use - simply hold the test stick in the urine stream or in a cup with collected urine for 3 seconds. The result can be read off after 10-15 minutes.